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Before you work with us you should know that...

we're a bit different. 

One way that you will notice this is in how we approach working with you.



We care…

  • About you and your success


  • Enough to always bring our best selves to your projects

  • Enough to listen – closely – to you, and to tailor what we do to fit your needs

  • Enough to give you and your teams the feedback they need to hear, in the way the need to hear it, to be their best selves

  • Enough to focus on your definition of success not ours

  • Enough to be constantly updating ourselves, so that we can best help you and your team to be a success

  • Enough to be real with you.  We will always be respectful and professional, but we know that you and your team are real people, with real challenges and real targets to hit.

  • Enough to be humble.  We are not the focus; you and your team are.  Our job is to help you be successful.  We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but our skill is to help your team to define the answers that will work for them

Our Team
George Brough

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George Brough is the founder and CEO of Artha Leadership.  He has spent his whole career in Executive development and has helped thousands of organizations in the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America and South America to grow and succeed by tapping into the underutilized potential of their teams.


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Jo Moore

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Jo Moore is an experienced consultant and corporate business leader whose focus is to align human capital with the goals and strategy of her client organizations. Her areas of expertise include strategic leadership development, action learning methodologies, succession planning and management, team development, and executive coaching.


Would you like more information?

We are here to help you.

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