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Talent Development Expertise

If you’re lucky, your organization has someone responsible for making sure that you maximize the potential and the productivity of your people. In some organizations, there might even be more than one person in that function. 


They might be asked to help the leadership team to define the competencies necessary for success in the organization, to help the organization to identify their High Potential talent, to design and run an effective High Potential program, to coordinate the Succession Planning process, to coach people at all levels of the organization, the help dysfunctional teams to become functional…or even high performing,  to facilitate Senior Leadership or Board meetings, to support managers as they help to develop everyone their teams, to run micro learning sessions at all levels of the organization, to sources best practices in everything from Diversity, Inclusion and belonging to Corporate strategy and many, many other things. 

If you are lucky enough to have that person (or people) you have probably realized that, no matter how skilled they are, they probably not world class in all of these areas and even if they are, they do not have unlimited bandwidth.

That is why we created Talent Development Expertise, a specially designed solution that gives you access to expertise and bandwidth when you need it but when you don’t, is not Overhead or a fixed cost.

In most organizations, the business has an immediate need for Coaching, Leadership Development, fixing a dysfunctional team and the like and then they set out looking for a provider that will understand their need, have a solution that is priced right for your budget and will also be a fit with your culture.  This process repeats itself for every demand from the business. It is time consuming and frequently ineffective.

Talent Development Expertise is specifically designed to give you immediate access to world class Talent Development experts who have an ongoing relationship with your company so that they understand your needs and fit with your culture.  And all of this on an as needed basis, you tailor the arrangement to fit your needs.

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"Over the past 20 years, George Brough has delivered high quality action learning to leading organizations around the world. His superb action learning skills and consultancy have enabled these organization to increase profits by over $100 million as well as deliver amazingly better products and services.

“George Brough’s development programs address the core of what it means to become a leader and what is required for a team to build up collaboration. The programs combine assessment tools and Action Learning as a way to surface awareness and embed changes in the way participants work. The long-term relationships that George has with major clients is in itself a testimony of the value their programs bring.”

Peter Cauwelier

President, World Institute of Action Learning

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